Our commitment to the quality of our raw materials and 100% pure and natural essential oils is total

We’ve implemented rigorous control procedures according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes):

  • In raw materials during cultivation
  • In semi-finished products during distillation
  • In products packaged for export.
La qualité chez Jacarandas International : GMP, HACPP et ISO
La qualité chez Jacarandas International : GMP, HACPP et ISO

Quality controls based on chemical and organoleptic analyses



  • C.P.G. analyses
  • Density
  • Pesticide analyses


Conducted by our professional NOSE

Thanks to these different analyses, all our manufacturing processes meet the HACCP and ISO 22000 standards. Our high-quality essential oils are 100% pure and natural*.

We work with the laboratories


*Our products are Pure and Natural, this means:

They consist of active ingredients of plant origin only, without adulteration of materials.

They are harvested at source, as close as possible to producers.

They operate in rhythm with the harvests.

Environmentally friendly.

Free from colourings, chemicals and raw materials of animal origin.