Our approach

Sustainability, Environment and Social Responsibility

Our fundamental values

Environmental protection

Respect for human beings

Responsible production

Approche durable environnementale et sociale

A concrete social commitment


  • Additional social-security protections
  • Professional training offered to employees every year
  • An internal and rapid evolution driven by the strong development of the company
  • Application of international HSE standards within our company.

Well-being in the workplace is one of our priorities; our staff turnover is very low.

« Learning and knowledge are my priorities. My work brings me joy and happiness each day. Sharing my knowledge and skills makes me feel good. I was hired as an operator 4 years ago and today I’m Junior Head of Department: I’m proud of my career. »


Junior Head of Department

Approche durable environnementale et sociale


Environmentally friendly initiatives

Protecting the environment of Madagascar involves fighting against deforestation and preserving biodiversity:

Approche durable environnementale et sociale

Planting more than 100,000 feet of cinnamon per year, in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Approche durable environnementale et sociale

Environmental education of communities in our partner sectors.

Training producers in the sectors and replanting actions.

Our teams participate in several reforestation days.

Use of biomass boilers for our stills and those of our partner suppliers, powered by recycled fuels which are more environmentally friendly than wood:

Our R&D department works continuously to improve the energy efficiency of our installations.

Our knowledge and technologies are then shared with our suppliers and partners so that their production also becomes more environmentally friendly.